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Newfound Rendezvous Demonstrators

These are the people you will see at the Rendezvous who give assistance and information freely to other builders and paddlers.

guillemot-kayaks.com - Varnishing demo, Nick Schade, Guillemot Kayaks. Nick is author of The Strip Built Sea Kayak. He has been building wood strip kayaks and assisting others since the late 80's.
paddlefancy.com - Marquetry demo, Ray Wisner, Paddle Fancy. Ray produces paddles that are inlaid with various woods to produce scenery or wild life. This is truly an art! He draws the picture and then uses various wood species to create a picture just like an artist uses colors.
seayaker.com - Intro to Greenland Paddling Workshop, Intro to Traditional Kayak Paddling Workshop, Sea Kayak Self Rescue Techniques, Paddle Float Re-Entry and Roll, Harry Weidman, Seayaker Outfitters. Harry is an ACA Certified Coastal Kayak Instructor in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.
tremolo.wcha.org - Tandem Canoe Skills demo, Classic Solo in a Tandem Canoe, and Paddle making, Caleb Davis, Tremolo Canoe. Caleb teaches in Wilton, NH in the winter and spreads the gospel of canoe paddling in the summer. You will see him anywhere there is a major canoe gathering!
laughingloon.com - Stapleless Construction Methods, Rob Macks, Laughing Loon Canoes and Kayaks. Rob's background is in sculpture, so when he creates a new design he shapes it to fit the image he has of what will work well. His boat designs work very well!
newfound.com - Hybrid Construction techniques, Michael Vermouth, Newfound Woodworks
Fiberglassing demonstration, Travis Soule and Michael Vermouth, Newfound Woodworks. Michael has been building strip boats and supplying materials to others since 1988. He started his custom woodworking business in 1984 producing doors, cabinets, and windows but switched to strippers when he became "addicted" to this building process.
qajaqusa.org -Qajaq USA is a non-profit membership organization officially recognized by Qaannat Kattuffiat, the Greenland Kayaking Association. It is committed to supporting QK's efforts to preserve and promote the traditions of Greenland kayaking while furthering the appreciation and development of the style in the US. Keith Attenborough is Vice-President of Qajaq USA and is particularly interested in demonstrating that Greenland paddling is not just about rolling and that even a non-tool user (like himself) can make a functional paddle.
kayakcovers.com - The Kayak Cover Company can provide a protective cover for your canoe or kayak. Gloria Krellman also produces monogramed cockpit covers, gear bags and paddle bags.
masepoxies.com - Phoenix Resins, Inc., dba MAS Epoxies is donating epoxy for the fiberglassing demonstration and the raffle. Mary Ann McFarland, the General Manager of Phoenix Resins will talk about the latest chemical innovations at MAS and will also conduct the Raingutter Regatta for kids.
mayhew.org - Mayhew is a preventive program that strives to encourage the positive social, emotional, physical, and behavioral development of at-risk New Hampshire boys, so that they can become happy, successful, and contributing members of their communities. Moreover, Mayhew strives to serve as a lifelong support community for these boys as they mature. Breakfast will be available here on Sunday morning for those adventurous enough to paddle to the island.
kayakdesigns.com - By day Peter Hunt is a marine surveyor; nights and weekends he spends developing new and different designs as the Shed for Sail Studio. His foremost design is the Little Dubber (along with the Big Dubber). This small boat is built from a sheet of plywood and looks something like a cross between a baked potato and a curled up leaf. Nevermind the appearance, this is a fun boat! Once your child gets into one you will be hard pressed to pry him out! Peter's newest creation is the Orion, a kayak with "steam launch" styling.......come to the Rendezvous and see it!
willowkayaks.com - Bill Low builds skin on frame kayaks on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. His boats are very lightweight yet still rugged enough for ocean use. He will be sharing some of his building techniques and giving a slide show on the History of the Kayak.


Newfound Area Accommodations

worldpath.net/~davcamp - Davidson's Campground, 603-744-2403
meredithwoods.com - Meredith Woods Campground, 603-279-5449
clearwatercampground.com - Clearwater Campground, 603-279-7761
ucampnh.com/twintamarack - Twin Tamarack Campground, 603-279-4387
jellystonenh.com - Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, 603-968-9000
newfoundlake.com - Inn on Newfound Lake, 603-744-9111
bungalo.com - Bungalo Village, 603-744-2220
stonerest.com - Stone Rest B & B, 603-744-6066
homepage.fcgnetworks.net/pleasantview - Pleasant View B & B, 603-744-5547
snowboundbandb.com - Snowbound B & B, 603-744-9112
newfoundchamber.com - Newfound Region Chamber of Commerce, 603-744-2150
meredithcc.com - Meredith Chamber of Commerce, 603-279-6121
plymouthchamber.com - Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, 603-536-1001